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8 Ways to Find a Satellite Installer

Are you a satellite customer who needs a satellite installer to service your system?  Here we tell you exactly what steps you need to follow, in order, to get your satellite installation serviced by a professional.  (Troubleshooting your system is a separate topic all by itself so we will cover that elsewhere.)  Also, if you are looking for a Free to Air satellite installer, skip to step 4.  Steps 1-3 deal with finding Dish Network InstallersDirecTV Installers, or other paid service providers.

find a satellite installer
When was the last time anyone actually used a magnifying glass to FIND something? You use it after you know where something is, but you want to see it better… Seriously.


1.  Contact the Original Satellite Installer, IF…

This suggestion is the best for several reason, but only if the installer suggested you could or should call them.  But depending on the terms of their work agreement with the service provider or dealer, they may not want incoming phone calls to their individual work phone.  If the installer made a point of leaving their individual phone number with you, then please do call them first.  If you are not sure, then call the installer and ask, “Should I call you or someone else for technical help?  I’m having a problem.”

Calling the original installer is best because:

  • They often are intimately concerned with the quality of their own work.
  • They know the system and particulars of your installation better than anyone else in the world.
  • They don’t operate off a script, and can usually give you highly effective steps to rapidly troubleshoot and fix your problem (if at all possible)
  • Sometimes if you call someone else it can make the installer look bad.  Yes, even placing a single phone call to ask a simple question can actually reflect negatively on the installer with some service providers.  They track this information automatically.  It’s sad but true.


2.  Contact the Service Provider

“What is a Service Provider?” you ask?  It’s the company you pay money to each month to receive the service.  Examples are Dish Network, DirecTV, HughesNet, Exede, and so forth.  They are usually have the most funding and are the most motivated to help you quickly resolve any technical problems you are having.  (If you don’t pay a monthly fee for your system, then you should skip to the Sales Person section.)  Here is the contact information for the four major service providers aforementioned:

Company Help Center URL Support Phone Number
Dish Network https://www.mydish.com/ 1-800-333-3474
DirecTV https://support.directv.com/ 1-888-777-2454
HughesNet https://my.hughesnet.com/ 1-866-347-3292
Exede https://www.exede.com/contact-us-exede/ 1-855-463-9333
GloryStar https://www.glorystar.tv/support 1-866-597-0728

As you are speaking to the tier one representative, they’ll probably be operating off of a script from a foreign land (depending on which service provider you contact).  Just be patient and jump through their “fun” little hoops at least once.  If for some reason you need to call back in a second time, they’ll probably ask you to do all the same things again.  You may want to politely and firmly decline if you’ve already done the trouble shooting steps.  Eventually (if your problem isn’t resolved) they’ll schedule a satellite installer visit.  Most satellite service providers charge around $100 to send out a satellite technician, unless you are on a monthly service protection plan, in which case it’s much cheaper – sometimes even free.


3.  Contact the Sales Person

Often times the person who sold you the satellite system isn’t the same party as the service provider.  There are independent dealers for most of the major service providers.  The service provider may even refer you to the independent dealer if they see your systems was sold by a dealer.  You’ll need the contact information of the original sales person you spoke to or (ideally) the name and phone number of the service department for that independent dealer.  Let them know you are having technical problems, and they may also help you check a few things over the phone.  One of the many advantages of ordering from a local dealer is that they provide much better US-based phone support.  Eventually they’ll roll back out to troubleshoot your problem if it can’t be fixed over the phone.

Also, there are systems for which you don’t pay a monthly service fee (like SDAdish.com).  There is no service provider (per say) in that case, but you can always ask the sales representatives how to find technical help with the system.

satellite installers
“Yes! As a salesman, it’s my favorite thing in the whole world when people call me with technical problems! Weeee!”


4.  Visit SatelliteTechnicians.com for Satellite Installers

You will need to contact an installer independently if your service provider or dealer isn’t able to send out a qualified technician on your terms (or if you don’t have a service provider due to the nature of your satellite system).  The fastest way is to visit www.SatelliteTechnicians.com and enter your zip code.  The satellite installers who are closest to you will be listed first.  Just make sure they service the system you need help with before calling.  We haven’t listed every satellite technician in the country (yet – ha!) so if the search comes up empty, you may need to dig a little deeper.  You’ll also find tons of information on satellite installers generally in our blog.


5.  Perform a Google / Bing Search

This is often a challenging search since it’s very rare that a local satellite installation company will have the resources to build and properly rank a website for their satellite installation company on the search engines (Google, Bing, etc.)

Never the less, you can try searching for Satellite Installers Near Me on Google or the same search on Bing.

You may find many false search results of companies who want to sell you new satellite service if you try to search using the name of your service provider (Dish Network or DirecTV).  These sales companies won’t be able to help service your existing system.  But if you are able to find a company who can help you, please do contact us so that we can get them listed on our directory to save everyone time.

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“Satellite TV service you say? Yes, we absolutely can help you sign up for a new account! We just need…”  “She… already has an account.”  “Oh, I see… Get the hell out of here please.”


6.  Try SatHookup.com

Head on over to SatHookup.com and perform a search there for an installer in your area.  No matter where you are, chances are you’ll end up speaking to Bill Brumner.  We don’t know who he is, and we’ve never talked with him.  But presumably he is good at helping you find an installer.  His number (to save you time from having to perform a search on SatHookup) is 818-668-5552.


7.  Try FTAInstaller.com

This is another site for finding satellite technicians, mostly those who service Free to Air systems.  Unfortunately, 80%+ of the phone numbers on this site are either disconnected or the installer no longer does satellite work.  So you’ll spend lots of time here trying to find someone who is still active.


8.  Try the Yellow Pages

Okay, now we are getting to the point where the suggestions are so fruitless they are almost things you should never try.  Case in point, the Yellow Pages.  Their results algorithms are not as sophisticated as the big search engines, so you’ll absolutely get dozens of companies trying to sell you new service instead of sending out a technician.  But it’s something that has been suggested over the years, and it won’t take very long to try it.  So we thought it was worth mentioning.


What did we miss?  How do you go about finding someone to service your satellite system?  Let us know in the comment below!

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